Our Services

Dr. Wang uses functional lab analysis to address underlying causes of disease by using a body systems-based approach. The practice of naturopathic and functional medicines involve the treatment and prevention of highly complex, chronic diseases through the use of medical nutrition, healthy lifestyle changes, stress-management techniques, nutritional supplements, detoxification programs, botanical herbs, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, homeopathy, intravenous and intramuscular injections, and pharmaceutical drugs where necessary.  ​Dr. Wang’s ​use of evidence-based, medical diagnostic testing and naturopathic therapies serve as an effective and powerful combination in not only the treatment, but also the prevention of many metabolic, neurological, and immunological diseases. Each patient’s individualized treatment is based on symptoms, diagnoses, bioimpedance analysis, lab tests, capability, and level of motivation.

​​New Patient Consultation - 90 minutes
New patients must fill out ALL paperwork prior to the initial appointment. Make yourself a cup of tea and take some extra time to thoughtfully answer the questions in the New Patient Health Information packet. Your thorough answers will help Dr. Wang to start getting to know you better as an individual.  Please click on PATIENTS for the forms and more detailed instructions. *After 90 minutes, OVERTIME cost will accrue in 15-minute increments.

Return Appointment
Follow-up appointments for returning patients or acute care. 

Constitutional Hydrotherapy
We encourage you to come to your appointment dressed comfortably in loose-fitting clothes.
Constitutional hydrotherapy is a powerful yet gentle way of stimulating the immune system for healing and facilitating total body detoxification. Indications include autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, initial onset of a cold, female reproductive conditions, skin and circulatory conditions, and malignancies.

Blood Draw  
​Please make sure you are well-hydrated (water only) for your blood draw. Some lab tests require you to fast (water okay) 
at least 12 hours before your appointment. Check the individual instructions for the particular lab tests you are getting. We encourage you to bring food to snack on after your blood draw. Please note the blood draw fee  is separate from the lab processing fee. 

​Customized Nutritional IV Therapy
Customized nutritional IV therapies. Intramuscular B12 injections included. Time and costs vary.
Intravenous therapy can help support and increase effectiveness of conventional therapies. It is useful for patients 
with any acute and chronic diseases, including: cancer (Vitamin C for adjunctive or post-chemotherapy cancer treatment), detoxification, chronic illness recovery, pre and post-operation healing, difficult-to-treat neurological diseases, healthy skin and collagen structural support, and cellular support.

adrenal insufficiency
autoimmune disorders 
cardiovascular health
diarrhea│digestive healthenvironmental & 
chemical sensitivities│fatigue
food allergiesGERD/reflux
high blood pressure
high cholesterol│fertility
insomniairritable bowel syndrome│women's health