Wang Center for

Naturopathic Health

Dr. Wang practices functional medicine in which science-based analyses are used to diagnose underlying causes of dis-eases and symptoms. The practice of naturopathic and functional medicines involve the treatment and prevention of highly complex, chronic dis-eases through the use of medical nutrition, healthy lifestyle changes, stress-management techniques, nutritional supplements, detoxification programs, botanical herbs, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, homeopathy, intravenous and intramuscular injections, and pharmaceutical drugs where necessary.  ​

Dr. Wang’s ​use of evidence-based, medical diagnostic testing and naturopathic therapies serve as an effective and powerful combination in not only the treatment, but also the prevention of many metabolic, neurological, and immunological diseases. Each patient’s individualized treatment is based on symptoms, diagnoses, laboratory testing, capability, and level of motivation. Using a whole body systems-based approach, true healing can be achieved without suppression of the healing power of nature. 

​​New Patient Consultation - 90 minutes
New patients must fill out ALL paperwork prior to the initial appointment.


I cannot recommend Dr. Wang highly enough.  I first went to see her in July 2014, some nine months after I had a serious accident that left me pretty much housebound for a significant amount of time.  I had no energy, had gained a significant amount of weight although I was following a healthy diet, was suffering from chronic insomnia, had severe bone and muscle pain, and had noticed a decrease in my cognitive functioning.  After a telephone and in-office consultation, she ordered comprehensive blood work and after she got the results, prescribed a treatment plan that included diet, exercise, and natural supplements. Within a week of starting her treatment plan, I was sleeping better, was thinking more clearly, and my bone and muscle pain had almost completely disappeared. Now, several months out, I have significantly increased energy and mental acuity, have dropped thirty pounds, and am pain free for the first time in several years. Dr. Wang is highly trained and knowledgeable and explains everything in a clear and concise manner.  She is kind, concerned, and totally nonjudgmental.  In fact, it is a pleasure to go for my appointments - I always feel that I am learning something new.  Every time I have hit a bump  in the road, she has found a way to help me that really works.  Several of my friends have been so impressed with the changes in my condition that they too have become Dr. Wang's patients and are as pleased with her care as I am. She has also developed her own line of products that are really great.  Yesterday I  burned my finger badly pulling something out of the oven.  I immediately put on some of her cooling spray and then ointment - I was expecting a raw blistered mess this morning, but to my delight I can't tell which finger I burned! Dr. Wang literally gave me my life back. ​MM, 61

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