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I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Wang. The serenity of the office and her calm and friendly demeanor really put me at ease. I appreciate the generous amount of time and explanation that Dr. Wang has provided at each visit. I am a 60 year old woman who was experiencing weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, cravings, poor digestion, stress, and more, and trying to fix these symptoms on my own with poor results. She attentively listened to my concerns and then formulated a comprehensive treatment plan designed specifically for me based upon my history, lab results and health goals. The adage “Food is medicine” proved to be so true. As I corrected how and what I ate, based on Dr. Wang’s treatment plan, I could see big improvements in my health and well-being that still continues. Now, I have so much more energy, dramatically reduced the hot flashes, have lost weight and fat, dropped two clothes sizes and feel good about myself again. Thank you for your care and guidance, Dr. Wang. I couldn't have done this without you! RH, 60

The greatest wealth is health.

- Virgil

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

-Ann Wigmore

     The body is one unit, comprised of many inter-dependent  systems. I have respect and appreciation for my internist. Traditional” [allopathic] medicine sends you to a cardiologist, a pulmonary specialist  etc. Not to disparage the use of specialists, but multiple doctors cannot and do not have the time to oversee all the interactions taking place in my body. 
     I selected Dr. Wang rather in desperation off the internet.  I needed guidance and not from someone hawking their “amazing products”  or “guaranteed (fill in the blank)." She listens, and if you don’t think that’s huge, you haven’t been to a doctor in awhile. She has been slowly constructing a picture of my health issues, drawing conclusions on what actually might be normal for me. I’m more than just a blip on the sine wave of medical data. She’s really good at connecting the dots. 
     I like what someone else kept mentioning about her:  science.  Holistic means the whole enchilada. Dr. Wang balances a refreshing frankness about the science of  medicine with honest concern for her patients’ emotional welfare. She explains things as many times as I need to hear them, encourages me to eat the way she does, never lectures,  and has helped me understand more than I ever have about what health actually looks like. 
     As I said to her at my first appointment, I know the A.M.A. did not invent medicine.  So if you’re worried about seeing an “alternative” kind of medical professional,  it would be in your best interests to work past that issue.  
She’s a doctor and the earlier you find out how to be healthy the better your life will be.  Traditional doctors are not trained to tell you that, since modern medicine is not by nature preventative.  It has been difficult for me to change many things needing change, yet “knowledge is power,” so I appreciate her tutelage immensely.  TW, 56

 I look at the before pics and cringe remembering how bad my eczema and staph infection were and how physically and emotionally challenging it was to go through.  Conventional medicine wasn't helping and I admit, I was scared when I had to take a leap of faith and pursue alternative medicine.  Had I not done so, I probably wouldn't have discovered my real problems were leaky gut, candida overgrowth, parasites and nutritional deficiencies.  However, despite all that suffering due to my illness, I was so blessed because it led to drastic lifestyle changes that not only affected me, but my family and friends who witnessed what I went through.  This journey not only brought physical healing but spiritual healing as well.  My faith in God was strengthened when I was at my weakest and being able to share my testimony, especially in the midst of suffering has blessed others.
        Thank you for your excellent medical care!  Your ability to really listen and provide compassionate care eased my fears and anxieties during my treatment.  You empowered me with knowledge, which changed my perception about health and motivated me to make drastic lifestyle choices. I discovered that there is no quick fix to healing and achieving optimal health.  I am a work in progress, and my daily choices impact my physical, mental and spiritual health.  GL, 39

I cannot recommend Dr. Wang highly enough.  I first went to see her in July 2014, some nine months after I had a serious accident that left me pretty much housebound for a significant amount of time.  I had no energy, had gained a significant amount of weight although I was following a healthy diet, was suffering from chronic insomnia, had severe bone and muscle pain, and had noticed a decrease in my cognitive functioning.  After a telephone and in-office consultation, she ordered comprehensive blood work and after she got the results, prescribed a treatment plan that included diet, exercise, and natural supplements. Within a week of starting her treatment plan, I was sleeping better, was thinking more clearly, and my bone and muscle pain had almost completely disappeared. Now, several months out, I have significantly increased energy and mental acuity, have dropped thirty pounds, and am pain free for the first time in several years. Dr. Wang is highly trained and knowledgeable and explains everything in a clear and concise manner.  She is kind, concerned, and totally nonjudgmental.  In fact, it is a pleasure to go for my appointments - I always feel that I am learning something new.  Every time I have hit a bump  in the road, she has found a way to help me that really works.  Several of my friends have been so impressed with the changes in my condition that they too have become Dr. Wang's patients and are as pleased with her care as I am. She has also developed her own line of products that are really great.  Yesterday I  burned my finger badly pulling something out of the oven.  I immediately put on some of her cooling spray and then ointment - I was expecting a raw blistered mess this morning, but to my delight I can't tell which finger I burned! Dr. Wang literally gave me my life back. ​MM, 61

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