Why Is Detoxification Important? 

There are currently more than 80,000 agricultural and industrial chemicals registered. 74 billion pounds are imported or produced every day in the United States. This amounts to 250 pounds of chemicals per person each day, not including pesticides, food additives, fuel, and pharmaceutical drugs. With today's toxic environmental exposure, partaking in a regular purification program is a necessity to maintaining health and preventing disease. 

I believe in helping my patients make positive, impactful, and sustainable changes.

Unlike most detox programs that can contain harsh and dangerous chemicals

to force purging, I use 100% whole foods and gentle herbs to nourish your

body while facilitating its natural detoxification pathways. It is important to not

only learn about nutrition and helpful lifestyle adjustments, but to also become

informed on the common environmental factors that can 

have direct and detrimental effects on your health. 

~ Dr. Shinshan Wang, ND ~